Sharing the Holy…

This new blog has been born as a way to share the holy in image.

It has been said that, “One of God’s names is Beauty.” As my camera and I gaze upon the beauty of the Earth, I cannot doubt that this is true.

Without traveling to exotic places, we have been blessed to receive many images that stir my heart and awaken the holy within.

And so I share some of these images here in a sort of photo journal, for any who wish to gaze with me. I post them with humility and reverence, for I have not created the Beauty, only been witness to it with wonder and awe.


2 thoughts on “Sharing the Holy…

  1. Wonder and awe, yes. “May it be so.”

    (you may never know how much good your words and images do. I realize that they are not “yours” – but they really are, in a way, because you are God’s, as we all are, as is the beautiful struggling world)

  2. Thanks, Al. Today was another awe-inspiring day. I hope to share the beauty later this week. Though I fear my images will never be able to portray what I have experienced, I cannot hold it back. It must be shared.

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