I have a known love for butterflies and this year I have really thrown myself into gardening in an effort to create a habitat for my little friends, especially the monarchs.

I hope to write about this soon at apricelessthing.com. In the meantime, I cannot wait to share images of some of my garden visitors. (You may note that some of my winged guests arrived before I even had the plants in the ground…)

IMG_0356             IMG_0500
(yes, a broken wing…)

IMG_0490             IMG_0493

(lay eggs on that milkweed?)

garden visitor2             IMG_0384

Yes, our earth is beautiful. It is holy. But I will share a secret with you. It is also hilariously funny.

The last of the images above is that of a Red Admiral butterfly feasting on a zinnia. Red Admirals are unusually friendly to humans. I also accuse them of being terrible teases… See what I mean?


Here is one playing in my hair, something they were doing repeatedly earlier this summer. And yes, my hair really is that white… 🙂


3 thoughts on “Butterflies

  1. Such a treasure theses images are, Mary. Unlike my garden, theses butterflies can back all year long! Your dedication, and God’s blessing, make that miracle possible. Thank you.

  2. One of the gifts of photography is that, when my garden outside is covered in snow, I can come back here and remember… Not to say that snow isn’t beautiful too. 🙂

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