The Fall

No, thankfully, the title is not referring to humanity’s great tumble away from the Lord but rather this beautiful time of year.

I have been rather remiss in posting images – for which I sincerely apologize. Here are a few recent images from this season at its golden peak.

(I hope to post a video or slideshow with my favorites of 2015 at the end of the year which will include a few more.)











7 thoughts on “The Fall

  1. These are so inspiring! The first and last are places for meditation, far more conducive, it seems, than my noisy church (though I still believe that God is more present–if that is possible– among people than in the woods.

  2. It is a curious thing…our sense of God’s presence and what we experience bringing us closer to Him through meditation. When I received these images, I was moving into a profound migraine attack (but didn’t fully know it yet). One of the symptoms which I often experience is an emotional/spiritual flatness. Hence, strangely, I had to receive these images on faith, i.e. my eyes and my brain told me that they were beautiful but I really couldn’t FEEL it much. I knew that God was present but I could feel Him but faintly, if at all.

    Thankfully, I’ve come to know this routine so that I can move through it without so much distress. But there is also the flip side. I can be in a noisy, distracting place – church, for example, seated in a place where I overhear the ushers chatting with one another during some of the holiest of prayers – and I am able to experience deep meditation and receive a profound feeling of the presence of God (as much as a poor little human like me can).

    Both (and everything in between) can be viewed as gifts from God. It is much easier to see it in the latter. But in the former situation, in allowing me to experience absence, God teaches (chastens?) me so that I never forget my need for Him – so that I long for Him and His presence with an awareness that it is not something I can conjure up at will. I am not in charge. Once accepted, this experience is a priceless thing (oops, wrong blog!)

  3. Thanks for the link – lovely prayer, and a sound practice. We cannot trust our feelings (emotions) but we can train our hearts in the Truth.

  4. P. S. I benefitted greatly, Mary, from reflecting on your “I’ve come to know this routine” statement. I don’t suffer from migraines, but I do (though “suffer” might be too self-important) from “anti-religious” disturbances–doubts, especially, and fears. I’m more hopeful now, thinking that one can learn to recognize the experience for what it is and “move through it without so much distress.”

  5. I’m glad if my statement was of help. Of course, my perspective is always best once I’ve moved out of the darkness. Although we each have our own variety, I’m sure, I too am familiar with the disturbances of doubt, anxiety, etc. I try to understand them as part of the scenery of life and not spend too much time looking at them. The train will keep moving and soon there will be another scene before me and God will be most evident.

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