Too grand…

Did you think I had forgotten this blog? Or that the earth had ceased being holy?

Neither is true. I still have grand plans for my favorite images of 2015 -and 2016 is nearly half over.

So I must not delay sharing at least what is holy and beautiful on my lens now. (The rest can be posted “some day”.)

Some things are simply too grand to be held over for that future day “when there is time”…the day that often never arrives.

Like friend Sparrow posing regally, as though awaiting my canvas and brush. (4/30/16)



Like Lady Dogwood, enchantingly stretching out her branches, spilling visions of fluttering pink upon all who pass her sunlit path (5/6/16)



Or like pure and virginal Iris, drinking in Heaven’s gift showered down upon her thirsty soul… (5/21/16)




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