Rain barrels

OK, these images only depict the rain barrels I painted so that I could water our holy earth – but this blog seems that most appropriate place to share them.

With them, I celebrate beauty… and prepare to welcome more beauty as sunshine and warmer days approach.

Barrel #1 illustrates in word and image how the Kingdom of heaven is like the tiny mustard seed that grows to become an enormous bush and “the birds of the sky come and dwell in its branches” (Matthew 13:31)

A collage of images, the front and back of the barrel are in the center with close-ups of the detail around the perimeter.


Barrel #2 is dedicated to my butterfly friends who are, to me, themselves colorful, living stories of death and Resurrection. Some of the butterflies on the barrel represent loved ones of mine who are now with God. The waterfall I had not planned but it became the centerpiece – life-giving waters, indeed.


Yes, yes, I’ve lost my mind – anyone who would spend this much time painting tiny images on rain barrels has clearly lost her mind.

I have lost my mind in color and beauty and God.

All praise and glory to Him.


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