Hermitage (#1)

I just returned yesterday from a couple of days at my much-loved hermitage. God typically spoils me during this special time together, allowing me to experience beauty and receive it with both my heart and my camera lens.

Since one of my downfalls is that I often want to edit all of my photos at once and put them together in some grand fashion (often not completing the task), I decided that this time, I will simply edit and post one image every day or so until I run out.

Today’s image was one of the first I received upon arriving. I had not yet had lunch so I sat on the front step, as I often did in times past, and ate my peanut butter sandwich. Once back inside, I glanced out the window and saw two furry little heads sticking out from underneath the step where I had just been sitting!


It was quite the irony that a family of groundhogs were living under the porch of the cabin where I stayed, given that groundhogs have been my garden’s greatest challenge. However, I came to be quite fond of this little family, who seemed to be obedient but rather shy children of our Father.


2 thoughts on “Hermitage (#1)

  1. You reminded me just now: we have a family of chip monks (that’s what I call them) under our porch. I used to think they were funny and cute. Now I know that they are more than that, so when I see them tomorrow I will remember to thank God for delicate, perfectly and beautifully made, nervous little creature-friends.

  2. Yes! Each and every one…We often take them for granted – or even get annoyed with them because they do not do what WE want! As though they should know our wishes and accommodate US…

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