Hermitage (#2)

Toward the end of one of our walks, camera and I were nearing the hermitage when we saw a bit of brown fluttering in a shady spot. Naturally, we were drawn to it.

When I asked if I could receive its image, to share its beauty for the glory of God, at first nothing happened. It continued to flutter in such a way that a clear image of the presumed butterfly would not have been possible.

I pondered for a second (often we only have a second or two to ponder with these little ones) and I said to it, “Even if you don’t think you are  beautiful, I know that you are – because God made you.”

She then settled down on a leafy perch and allowed me to receive her image, spreading her wings nicely so that I could identify her as a Little Wood Satyr.*


Isn’t she lovely?

Perhaps from her I can learn of humility and obedience.


*I refer to this butterfly as female because that is my best guess. Male and female Little Wood Satyrs have very similar wing patterns. Either way, a blessing.



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