Hermitage (#9)

Dragonflies. So common around wetlands that we often don’t give them much thought. And their close cousins, damselflies.

Fossil images date their ancestors, larger insects that flew with the dinosaurs, back 325 million years. And between dragonflies and damselflies, there are an estimated 5000-6000 species.

Camera and I encountered some of each and they graciously shared their images, to the glory of God, our Father.


Note the beautiful wings on the dragonfly above – though not colorful, they have been knit together like a fine but sturdy lace.

See how the lower wings are a bit larger the the upper pair. Did you know that the wing pairs function independently for improved maneuverability? (I didn’t until tonight.)

Below is our damselfly who shared its image while fluttering about in the woods nearby. Its body more slender, its wings held upright while at rest, its more fluttering flight style, it looks almost like a butterfly – but it most certainly is not.

Like the dragonfly, it eats other insects and its young are aquatic and moult repeatedly until fully developed.


I am blessed. Our God has created and poured out so much beauty that I cannot begin to comprehend it. I can only pray…


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