Hermitage (#14)

Every time I visit this small wetlands near the hermitage, I hear little plopping sounds as I approach.

When camera and I come into focus, all that there is for us to see are fading concentric circles on the water’s surface where some little creature leapt in.


There goes another – and we missed him. There is never any warning as to who is going to jump, when or from which direction. Just the little plopping sound to signal that yet another has sought watery refuge.

I have often asked these unseen creatures if we might receive their images, assuring them that we mean them no harm. But the answer is always the same:


So, of course, we respect their shyness, recognizing that each creature has been given unique instincts in order to survive. For some, this translates into remaining hidden from view.

And so we honor here all of the little lives created by God that we may never see – each playing a part in its ecosystem, each giving Him glory by living as it ought.

Be well, my little ones, and stay safe…


2 thoughts on “Hermitage (#14)

  1. Just think, in addition to the ploppers, there must be an unimaginable number of little lives, tiny ones, some barely vsible. Glory be!

    P.S. which post describes the hermitage, or tells what it is?
    On second thought, never mind. It’s likely a secret place, an escape into communion. Keep it safe.

  2. I like to imagine that I am the only one who goes to the hermitage (of course, I’m not) so I cannot bring myself to tell its location here. That is part of the beauty of the hermitage experience, as you wrote so well, “an escape into communion”.

    However, there are many hermitages in existence – doing an online search for “hermitages for private retreats” yields a good many results. My limited experience has led me to believe that the less expensive and more secluded ones are unadvertised and generally affiliated with religious orders or monasteries.

    It is especially nice if there is only one hermitage (I’m terribly selfish when God and I go away together). 🙂

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