Hermitage (#16)

As noted before, the birds surrounding the hermitage are largely rather shy. Even the blue jays.

During my recent visit, hoping to catch an afternoon breeze, I sat outside on the porch. Camera rested at my side.

We carried no expectations but simply sat in silent stillness, watching.

This is one of the beauties of the hermitage experience – the stillness.

Yet, it seems odd to call it “stillness” because the surrounding creation is continually in motion – fluttering, plopping, buzzing, soaring – always actively breathing life in each moment.

But in so doing, it draws me into the moment of its living and I am aware.

I begin to taste what life is – what it is we lost, having stepped out of Eden so long ago.

In front of the hermitage is a tree. As I sit in stillness, a blue jay and one of its young flies into its branches, apparently not noticing me.

Softly requesting permission, camera and I receive their image.

And now we share it with you…

To our Creator be glory, now and always.


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