Hermitage (#17)

Every time I’ve gone to the hermitage in the spring, I’ve been greeted by sprays of yellow buttercups dancing in the fields.

I cannot resist receiving new images of them every May, though they look no different than they did the year before, as they toss their heads back gaily in the breeze.

Sitting in a meadow with them on a sunny day with nothing to do but gaze is perhaps one of the greatest indulgences of the soul.

This year, however, the best became even better as God treated my soul to joy beyond its delight.

Camera and I went out early one morning while dew still sparkled on the grass. He wore his zoom lens and I my pajamas and we did not care if the world saw us or we came back soggy.

For in those precious moments, we received His light – the light of a rising sun creating a fresh new day from the dark night sky. After yesterday’s hot and dry, a fresh new day alive with green and yellow and wet.


Praise Him.



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