Hermitage (#18)

In our hermitage wanderings, camera and I had noticed flitting about wood and field an insect that resembled a giant mosquito.

It didn’t often alight upon an object long enough for close observation and, if we were to be honest, its unfortunate resemblance to the blood-sucking species did not make us so anxious to pursue it.

However, this dear insect never demonstrated the least bit of aggression toward us nor even the slightest interest in my bodily fluids. Hence, when we saw one of its kind early on that dewy morning, we asked if we might receive its image.

And we were not disappointed…


Allow me to introduce you to the crane fly, his very long legs keeping his slender body suspended above a dewdrop. He is winged but, extended like the wings of an airplane, his flight apparatus are barely visible in this image.

His role in life? To mate, of course.

To carry on life, as one more tiny co-creator with the Divine, obediently making more and more life to proclaim God’s superabundant gift…


2 thoughts on “Hermitage (#18)

  1. I think another of the crane fly’s roles must be to surprise and delight observers, and to lead us toward awe, then worship, then thanksgiving. He’s quite a delicate peice of work!

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