Hermitage (#19)

When camera and I make the transition from the world of concrete and asphalt to our beloved hermitage, it is, at first, almost like entering another world.

I remember the thought occurring with that first step into the woods this past May, “I wonder if God’s favorite color is green… He uses so very much of it.”

Certainly I am unable to name all of the green growing life that I hereby dub “grass”. I only know that so often we take it for granted, hardly noticing it even when it lies directly under our feet.

But camera and I were drawn to it this spring, feasting our focus on all of that chlorophyll, as though we had never seen any before.

But the woods were filled with it…


While the wetlands bloomed an unfamiliar feathery frond…


And, of course, in the open fields the spring grasses burgeoned with blades beyond counting.


Like everyone else, camera and I can too easily fail to see what is literally beneath our feet. Too easily we favor those who have eyes or wings or legs as though they are more “alive” or interesting than the leafy life.

Meanwhile, it is the chlorophyll of the ordinary that brings about the transfiguration from above. With water and the light of the sun, it makes the energy and oxygen without which we could not live.

Yes, yes – green must be His favorite color. It is the color of life, His most precious gift.


All praise to Him…


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