Hermitage (#20)

I keep thinking to myself, “It’s about time to end this project of hermitage images – it’s been many weeks since you were there!”

But then I see another and yet another that has a certain loveliness about it or a bit of a story that I feel called to tell.

And I think, “Why rush?”

And this is such a good question for me to ponder, as the hermitage experience is very much about not rushing but being still. It is not so important to consider what was or what will be – but what is.

Sometimes the observations are so small, so ordinary, that it seems almost absurd to make them.

But all of the earth was created holy. Even this little fellow…


Just an ordinary ant, going about his work day. I do not know what his mission was – but he seemed to know, as he marched the length of this log, alone and determined.

Who, passing by, would consider his contribution to the world or even to the forest to be of any consequence at all?

And yet he was created to be there, to be doing precisely what he was doing.

How glorious in beauty is all that God has made – a grand symphony with billions of players and singers and dancers – yet utterly simple.

Praise Him.


4 thoughts on “Hermitage (#20)

  1. That little cant guy might benefit from a hermitage of Hus own. He probably never reflected on how complex and beautiful that big log is that he’s traveling on.

  2. Ah…he doesn’t need to reflect because he never leaves the present moment, like we do! It is a sign of our fallen nature that we need to need to step out of our daily lives in order to remember what it is to truly live.

    However, within this accursed state we have chosen is, of course, a great blessing. We were created for love and eternal union with the Creator, unlike our dear ant friend.

    In our freedom to choose this infinitely greater state, we have become terribly lost. Yet we are so loved that God Himself has come to save us. Our ant cannot become lost – but neither can he experience the joy of being found.

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