Hermitage (#21)

Yes, I think we are nearing the end of the hermitage pictures. But just one or two more.

These images came to me in late spring and summer is now very ripe. Today’s hot, dry weather seems to be scorning…


A most unusual thing just happened. Less than 90 minutes ago, I was typing the above words when suddenly an intense wind started blowing, rattling my blinds ferociously. Though thunderstorms had been predicted, they have often bypassed us this summer and it had been sunny this evening at the times they were predicted.

When this occurred, however, I decided that perhaps I should get offline and secure the sliding doors. Within minutes, huge rain drops were pelting the panes and a hearty thunder rumbled its approval. The grass here has long been brown and crunchy and I’ve been keeping the garden alive while praying for rain.

Now, shortly before midnight, the earth is dancing with joy. At 10 PM, the temperature was 90 degrees. It dropped to 73. I too shall dance.

And the particularly fun part about it all is that the hermitage image I had chosen tonight before this transpired was the following:


…an image I had loved because it appeared to me that, with its branches swung wide, this plant was trying to dance its way back to life this spring.

Yes, let us dance, let us dance, let us dance!

(And praise our God for the gift of rain, the gift of life.)


3 thoughts on “Hermitage (#21)

  1. “trying to dance its way back to life ” – what a thought! And I believe it’s true, though it would never have occurred to me if I were walking along by myself through a field and saw that bare plant. Your belief that things like that (both image and thought) are given to you is very inspiring. I am pretty sure they are offered to me too. I want to earn to be more alert, more receptive. Your postings , as I have said, help. In fact, they are gifts, like the little bare plant dancing. Gratefully,

    P.S. “I don’t dance” is a line I have hidden behind most of my life. Not anymore (I pray).

  2. Another thing: what are you doing on a 90 ° day with the windows open? Could it be, another person who prefers to (or has to) live without air conditioning? I was just visiting my 92 year old friend from church today, homebound, alone, no AC, but very content. She believes that God made us perfectly, so we can adapt to most circumstances. I drove home afterwards with all windows open; 93° but I loved it. Another gift! Another inspiration. In fact, once I start thinking about it . . . Why, there’s almost no end to the gifts. ( When I think about it in the middle of the night, that is. But what’s to keep me from thinking during the day, I ask myself. The answer comes almost immediately: you know what.)

    P.S. please forgive my wordiness. Besides reading, sometimes it also helps to talk.

  3. Hi Al,

    Please don’t apologize for your “wordiness”. It’s like feeding me a grand meal and then apologizing for doing so. I enjoy hearing your thoughts and the thoughts of others – they are as much gifts as anything I write.

    I am one of those people blessed with the choice about whether or not to use A/C. I tend to prefer “natural” air, though A/C is virtually a necessity at work. I am also blessed with a house that is fairly well shaded by trees so that the temperature inside may be only in the low to mid-80’s. Pretty tolerable with a fan. I could claim virtue but it is really more of a preference. (Usually by the time I’m crying “uncle”, so is everyone else and we are in a brown-out or something!)

    I know what you mean about hiding behind “I don’t dance” – though I overcame that some when I came upon types of dance that I was comfortable with. Unfortunately, there are many self-expressions in our culture that have become activities where we perceive (often accurately) that we will be judged. If we believe (or fear) ourselves to not be “good” at them, we don’t want to undertake them, especially in the view of others.

    I am that way with singing. I can sing alone, though I often forget to. And I’ll sing with a large enough group of people that my individual voice doesn’t stand out. But do not let anyone hear my individual voice!

    Perhaps I “see” in the natural world all kinds of singing and dancing and praising because my heart recognizes that these plants and creatures, unencumbered by sin, are free from this guarding of ego that so afflicts us. And I want to join them!

    (But I am weak…as are we all. Perhaps by observing enough, we will learn…)

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