Hermitage (#22)

As I draw to a close this series of postings from my time at the hermitage, I hope I have been able to share more than just the images but something of the experience as well.

If informally observed, the place where I go for hermitage would not appear particularly impressive: a cabin, some trees, a field, a little creek. It is nice but nothing the average visitor would think breath-taking.

It is the experience of hermitage that transforms. I rush around, wrapping up my tasks in the world, packing together a few things and then I arrive in this other world where everything simply is.

I arrive like a tight bud that needs to open and blossom. I do not know what is needed for my heart to open – does it need sun or rain, heat or cool? I am the tight bud – I do not know.

But there is One who knows. And He always gives what is needed – for He can give nothing other than His loving Truth. And, in time, my heart opens…


All glory to Him…


3 thoughts on “Hermitage (#22)

  1. Mary, I just thought of an idea for a new series of posts : “The Hermitage Within.”
    Or maybe, “Wherever You Are, There’s a Hermitage Too.”

    Easy for me to say, right? Why don’t I try writing posts like that, clever guy that I am?

    (Because hermits are born, not made up. That is to say, born of water and spirit. Me, I’m like the horse that’s been led to the river bank but doesn’t know yet he thirsty he is.)

  2. I tried writing a comment, but my tablet decided it wasn’t worth posting. The screen went blank. Too bad, tablet. I’m writing another:

    “Mary, I just had an idea for a new seres of posts. It could be called, ‘The Hermitage Within.’. Or maybe, ‘Wherever You Are, There’s a Hermitage Nearby.’ ”

    But then I think I hear someone say, “Why don’t you write your own posts, clever guy that you are?”

    ( Because hermits are born, not thought up. That is to say, born of water and the Spirit. Me, I’m like the horse who keeps getting led to the river bank, but doesn’t yet realize how thirsty he is. Or like the guy who can’t see the trees for the forest. . . )

  3. Al, your tablet isn’t nearly as judgmental as you suppose…

    While a worthy suggestion, I find that I seem to be able to write only what God suggests to me to write – or else I cannot finish. (Though occasionally I become willful, follow my own dumb ideas anyway and end up posting something I wish I hadn’t.)

    So we’ll have to see what God suggests. Perhaps it shall be something of this nature. Perhaps not. I can only pray to have no will of my own.

    Oh, that’s the other blog. Still applies though. 😊

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