Garden Stories (#1)

I have been absent for a bit from the blogging world. Time for a new series of images to wake up my heart.

The garden is such an ordinary place – look out the window, slip out the door, camera and me, and – behold! Unburied treasure.

Often we encounter simple beauties, a leaf, an insect, a blossom. But, as Dostoevsky tells us, love them all and “perceive the divine mystery in things”.

And so we open our hearts to the divine in small mysteries.

And this year has had much mystery in it. Our spring and summer were born out of a very mild winter – oddly mild, so much so that we weren’t sure that we had had winter.

The plants too were unsure, waking up too soon, some never having gone fully to sleep. Early riotous blooms resulted – and then everyone was buried in snow. Most survived but no one knew what time it was.

And now we pay the price with hot, dry summer days that leave all of backyard creation gasping for water – only hours after the last outpouring of precious reserves from rain barrels.

To walk through the garden a little each day… Let us begin by going back in time…



Last year, a dear friend moved away, leaving behind the garden of her heart. Before she left, she invited me to her house where she dug up little living gifts to move from her garden to mine.

Her garden was always so full and lush. I was honored that my hard, rocky soil would receive some of this new life. I only hoped we would be worthy of the gift.

To my delight, this spring I found bright blue blossoms hiding behind my tulips – blossoms that had never been there before. Forget-me-nots.

I will not forget. The love. The generosity. The gift. The friend.

The divine mystery in things.

To Him be glory. Amen.


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