Garden Stories (#2)

As noted in the last post, it has been an unusually hot and dry summer. Hence, the bird bath has been a very popular spot. Mostly for the birds -but I have caught squirrels climbing up and drinking from it. And sometimes, when I get up in the morning, some night creature has overturned it while seeking water.

In the late spring, it was particularly fun to watch the parent animals acclimating their young to my backyard. I’m sure this happens every year but I noticed it more this spring. The adults seemed to supervise or instruct the little ones a bit and then pull back to let them try things on their own.

One of my favorite sets of images came from the robin family’s bird bath lessons. Although I may have shared this with one or more of you, I must post it here as well – it is too lovely to keep to myself. Did I mention that I overheard a bit of the conversation between the father robin and his offspring?




such joy to plunge in waters cool

shaking feathers free of dust

ready once again to fly…



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