We interrupt our regularly scheduled series on Garden Stories to present you with this special on Sky-watching in Inner City Cleveland.

The following images were received by cell phone (weather conditions were considered too precarious for camera to venture out) within a period of no more than 10-15 minutes. The varying images emerged by changing perspective while walking around within the space of one city block.

Inner city sky-watching is different from other sky-watching ventures because there is no effort to pretend you are somewhere pristine, free of the poles, wires, cars and just plain trashiness of this world. You live in its midst – and watch the sky.

Enter the city, enter the sky with me – and discover its holiness…

(To allow you the full experience, the only editing of the images was a small amount of cropping.)













To Him Who made the skies, all praise and glory be.


5 thoughts on “Sky-watching

  1. Amen and hallelulia! (Some of those skies are a bit scary too. They reflect majesty, power, mystery–but God is not to be feared, right? I have to keep telling myself)

  2. Great article! (Except the part about “the substitution are death of Yeshua” and how my sins put him on the cross. But that’s another story, as they say )

    For me the importance of John Parson’s article can be summed up in these four words (which introduce the 2nd paragraph in the section about Psalm 16), “Note the paradoxes involved. . . ” I am learning that I can live with paradox as long as I don’t spend too much energy thinking about it. But , as for my ever-present fears–all three kinds that Mr. P. explains–the article clarified a lot. Thanks for the reference.

    And now I will ask a favor. May I put a link to this post on a blog I have been experimenting with (rather irregularly)? *

    I am especially interested in the pictures with wires underneath or in front of the clouds. All of these photographs are really good. They evoke many diverse thoughts and feelings. What a blessing to have that little camera phone! Like you with your hand-crank car windows, I’m comfortable with former things—but there are consequences, right. And that’s OK.

    * Also, is it OK to put a link to this blog? And others?

  3. Eeeek – I didn’t see the part on the substitionary model. I thought a new article was starting at one point and didn’t read down that far. Thanks for catching that – not a position endorsed by this blogger. This was my first time reading anything at that site.

    I have developed an interest in ancient languages and Bible study (preferably where someone else has done all of the work), so I had been curious if “fear” had different possible meanings in interpretation or culture.

    Yes, you may link to any of my blogs or share them with anyone.

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