monarch of my soul


i have trekked

the desert of my soul,

longing for your presence…

but your hour had not come.

could it be now?

could this be the time

i finally see you,

my king?


yes! yes!

you manifest yourself

in all of your splendor

and i am bound by love…


i have little to offer you –

so drink deeply,

my king,

and allow me

to feast upon you.


what more could i ask

than what you give?

i shout for joy!


yet a journey lies before you.

 as your wings open

for flight,

tears besiege my eyes

and you are but a blur

before me.

i cannot hold you back.


and yet – and yet,

in that final moment,

a greater gift is given –

an eternity,

an endless moment of beauty,


sailing on your wings


(NE Ohio has had virtually no monarch butterflies this summer but today, I was blessed to receive these images in someone else’s garden. These beauties are likely migrants starting the journey south from Canada. If you think you detect spiritual imagery in the verse, of course you are correct. As I have written elsewhere, I consider the monarch butterfly to be one of the proofs of the existence of God…)


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