Driving while intoxicated

I know it is a very dangerous thing to do. Which is why I pulled over as soon as I could safely do so when I saw it.


The sky images I share with you always disappoint a little because there is no way to portray the enormity of the heavens filled with such swirls of brilliant yellow and orange, rose and gray, upon blue shadow and light.

I was intoxicated. Were not the other drivers who whizzed past me as I sat dazed by the side of the road?

Praying Evening Prayer undoubtedly intensified my drunken state, for as I rounded the bend and beheld the fullness of sky, these were the words I heard:

In him and through his blood,
we have been redeemed,
and our sins forgiven,
so immeasurably generous
is God’s favor to us.

God has given us the wisdom
to understand fully the mystery,
the plan he was pleased
to decree in Christ.

A plan to be carried out
in Christ, in the fullness of time,
to bring all things into one in him,
in the heavens and on earth.

Glory to the Father, and to the Son, and to the Holy Spirit…

                                                 (Divine Office, Evening Prayer)

Yes, it is almost too much for a heart to bear. “So immeasurably generous
is God’s favor to us…”  And then, if He had only given us the sky, the beauty… But it is so much more.

It was difficult to become sober enough to drive the rest of the way home. The eyes of my heart had been opened and nothing else seemed to matter. But the Lord delivered me safely to my door and I am grateful.

It is time to rest now.



2 thoughts on “Driving while intoxicated

  1. Being transported doesn’t require a car.
    Looking and listening can take us where
    We’re meant to be, and always are.

    (I would like to be able hear that divine office in my car. Is it a CD?)

  2. Not on CD that I know of. I listen at divineoffice.org. But currently I think you have to be signed up to access them (they are working out some copyright issues). I generally listen on a tablet (or smart phone) using their app which downloads several days worth of recordings so that you can listen offline. It is an app that costs money but well worth it for me..

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