Garden Stories (+butterflies+)

Ah, the summer seemed endless this year, so many hot days and blossoms in the garden.

And suddenly we slipped into fall. It catches me by surprise every year, despite its absolute predictability.

As I head out to the hermitage for a couple of days of autumnal praise, I know I will encounter more deeply this changing face of mother earth. When I come back, it may feel too late to share my summer butterflies.

So many did not come this year, despite the lush garden. Was it the heat? The migration patterns? Only a few common species.

Yet I shall not lament but celebrate. For why should we have butterflies at all except for the generous outpouring of God’s own Life as He calls them into being?


So I welcome you, My little Cabbage Whites!


Drink deeply of My nectar.


Let My delights enfold you – for I call you each by name,


And love you more than you will ever know.




And you, My Great Spangled Fritillary, come rest from your labors for I see that you are weary and have worked hard for Me.



And My little skippers! What a joy you are!


For you will let no one forget Me…


Stand strong, My little ones, stand strong!

Keep on teaching them about the beauty of Our life…



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