Of course, I could be wrong…*

I have been back from hermitage for a couple of weeks now but am just getting myself together to post some images.

At first, it seemed that there might be no images. I was prepared for that – but brought camera along just in case.

When we arrived on Friday afternoon, it was raining and quite chilly. It was predicted to rain all weekend. Camera and I played a bit with receiving images of raindrops falling from the roof and then hunkered down, trying to stay warm.

I had brought a number of books and warm clothes. I had prepared myself for whatever God was to give in our time together.

But I was quite unprepared when late Saturday morning, the feast of Saint Thérèse of Lisieux (the Little Flower), the sun broke forth, the temperature rose into the 70’s and butterflies and bees appeared.

Camera and I went walking, dazzled by the sun, amazed at God’s most amazing gift to my poor soul. Here is a little of what we saw – adorned by words of Saint Thérèse to further nourish us…



* It is never too late to post images of butterflies – as I had feared in my last post about my garden. 🙂


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