The hidden one

I was casually scrolling through images received this summer when I found a little treasure.

How often little treasures go unnoticed in our rush to focus on what is obviously perceived and found beautiful to our senses.

I was in Minnesota this past June and had plunged rather impetuously into some heavy growth while pursuing a monarch (the one that got away), when I decided to have a look-about.

After all, the nettles were already stinging. No sense in paying this price for no purpose.

I received a nice but rather ordinary image of skipper, posing as they often do, on thick blade while surveying their surroundings and enjoying the warm sunshine.


Because it was a rather ordinary image, I hadn’t spent much time with it when I received it.

But today, I noticed that my skipper had a companion on the underside of its leaf.

Let’s take a closer look:


Who are you?! I asked in amazement.

What a lovely little insect, the likes of which I had never seen before! Such tiny dark eyes gazing up at me – me, the one ignoring its small life in the world.

How much there is that I do not see… How abundant is the life that surrounds us.

Open my eyes, O God, that I might see Your wonders and forever bless Your name.

And one of Your names is Beauty.


One thought on “The hidden one

  1. “You have eyes–can’t you see? ” (What did He mean by that? It’s surely not about “ignoring [the] small life in the world” ? On the other hand . . . )

    Great image! I’m using it for now as wallpaper. Good reminder.

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