Taste and see…

Some say that bumble bees do not make honey. But this is not entirely true.

I suppose it depends on how one defines “honey”. Like many other bees, they draw nectar from flowers and bring it home to feed the others in their hive. This food is their “honey”.

Bumble bees typically have only 50-100 bees per hive, many fewer than honey bees. Also, they generally store only a few days worth at a time. So, fortunately for them, we humans don’t find it worthwhile to try to harvest their honey.

But it is sweet. (No, I haven’t tasted it – but I have read accounts of those who have.)


How extraordinary that the psalmist suggests that we taste God. We know of the Eucharistic food, which enables us to “taste” Christ, but psalmist did not.

Still the author gives us images of His sweetness: “How sweet to my tongue is your promise, sweeter than honey to my mouth!” (Psalm 119: 103).

Let us drink deeply of His sweetness and, like our dear bumble bee, feed others with His goodness.

To Him all glory be.


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