The humble bumble

Continuing my photographic tribute to the bumble bee…

This humble bumble bee is simply going about her daily task of spreading pollen and sucking nectar. She will repeat this many, many times and with many blossoms, in the course of a single day.

Note the brushes on her rear legs that help collect the pollen. If this is indeed a female, the pollen baskets on her inner legs are not yet full – or we would probably see them. She also has a honeystomach in which she stores nectar to deliver to her hive and to nourish her as she works.

Her body was perfectly constructed to carry out the tasks for which the Lord God made her.


Such an ordinary thing on a summer day…bees in fields and gardens, skipping from one flower to another. How important can their task be?

Because of these tiny buzzing creatures, our world is able to feast, not only on beauty, but on many and varied nutrients that keep us alive and healthy.

How glorious is His plan for us! May we treasure and protect His workers always…


3 thoughts on “The humble bumble

  1. Love the title! (And the content, of course. But the affectionate and whimsical title reveals so much about the hard working, non-threatening, God-blessed bee.) Amen!

  2. I just read that, prior to being called “bumble bees”, some referred to these creatures as “humble-bees” (with various spellings of humble). Shakespeare and Darwin were among those that used this delightful moniker.

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