Things that fly…


The image of a bumble bee in flight…still hopeful, this bee. Despite its limp and curling petals, the tulip holds some promise. A bit of nectar perhaps. Some pollen to be gathered?

Emily Dickinson mentions bees rather often in her poetry. Let us continue our tribute to the fine bumble with some of her verse:

Some things that fly there be,—

Birds, hours, the bumble-bee:

Of these no elegy.


Some things that stay there be,—

Grief, hills, eternity:

Nor this behooveth me.


There are, that resting, rise.

Can I expound the skies?

How still the riddle lies!

                                                                              – Emily Dickinson


Both the poet and the bee – manifest Divinity – to Him all glory be.


2 thoughts on “Things that fly…

  1. These recent bee-posts are inspiring, Mary. This one in particular, from its telling photograph to Emily’s “list” to your own closing poem, is special. If I didn’t fear offending, I might offer as a title for the series, “Small Lives Matter.” But instead I’ll just say Amen.

    P.S. I’m saving the image you received, if that’s OK. It says so much. I need to remember it’s messages.

  2. Thanks, Al. I’m finding the series enriching myself. I hadn’t realized how many lovely images I had of bumble bees and each one seems to evoke something new. This is grace…

    As always, you (and any other reader) are welcome to download and save any of my photos or content for personal or non-profit use.

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