Flight of the Bumblebee

A most exciting adventure has unfolded today as I set out to continue my tribute to the bumble bee.

It entered my mind that our dear bumble has not only inspired poets, as celebrated in yesterday’s post, but also musical composers. Most notable, of course, is Nikolai Rimsky-Korsakov’s “Flight of the Bumblebee”.

And then there is the jazzed up take-off on this classical favorite, “The Bumble Boogie” by Jack Fina. (As a child, I tried to learn this piece, at my father’s request. Ah, but my poor little fingers were no match for the music, though my father was too kind to ever say so.)

So I was thrilled when first, I found a recording of the former in the public domain (played by the U.S. Army Band). Then, I found a YouTube video of Liberace playing both the classic and the boogie.

Talk about a trip down memory lane. Watching Liberace’s fingers was not unlike watching the wings of the bee itself, so fast they flew.

But, alas. I had used my only image of a bumble in flight yesterday. How could I offer an image of a bee that was still (are they ever still?) while notes and fingers flipped and flapped, swung and swayed, setting the keyboard a-buzzing?

I could not rest until I had scoured my entire electronic cloud of images. Perhaps there was another – an image I did not remember receiving or one whose flying bee had gone unnoticed.

A trip down a different memory lane, as I have traveled back in time through innumerable photos, all the way to 2010 when I began my venture into photography with my first little point-and-shoot.

With its significant shutter lag, it seemed improbable that this old friend would have received an “in-flight” image. But improbable is not impossible and so I searched. And searched.

And, with a bit of much overdue editing, here is the image found – a bumble bee in flight:


And so it is time for music!

For the U.S. Army band’s classical recording, enjoy this mp3 recording:

And, of course, here is Liberace…



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