Telling the bees

There is a traditional European custom known as “telling the bees” in which one had to inform the bees of any major events in the life of its keeper. If the bees were not told, they might leave the hive and there would be no honey.

Hence, bees were included in the family circle when it came to learning of funerals, weddings, births and so on. Bees have a place of significance in many spiritual traditions as well.

Though the bumble bee is not typically a “kept” bee, I often converse with those I encounter and invite them to visit my garden.

On May 8, 2015, I was blessed to receive this glorious image of a dear bumble. In a seemingly unrelated event a few weeks later, my heart said, “Yes” to God in a deep and mysterious way.

It was not long after that that I found myself using this image to design a postcard with the caption Say “Yes!” on it.

I’m sure that no one else could make sense of this caption. But I simply had to “tell the bee”…




3 thoughts on “Telling the bees

  1. Thanks, Al. Such a powerful blessing in this image. When I gaze at the detail in the bee’s wings and the blossoms, it seems almost too perfect to be real.

    But therein lies the irony – that we so often find it hard to comprehend the complete and utter perfection of God’s reality – and settle for the corrupted “reality” of our own making instead.

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