I thought I saw a butterfly…

California in the spring is always such a beautiful experience for me.

Leaving the lingering cloudy grey of early spring in NE Ohio, I land in a veritable paradise. The ocean in all its power and grandeur. Wildlife soaring and basking and creeping about me. Colors blooming all sides.

This year, my friends and I walked some paths I had not walked before. Camera and I had our eyes open for new treasures. What would God give us?

Off in the distance, across the creek and up in the trees, I thought I saw a fluttering. Could it be?

Ah, but is so far away – I will never receive its image, I thought.

I invited it to come closer, but I don’t imagine it could hear me at such a distance. I couldn’t even be sure it was a butterfly…

However, zoom lens was already conveniently in place and I had little to lose.

And this is the image we received:

Well, it sort of looks like there could be a butterfly on that leaf…but it is rather hard to tell.

It was not until I was back home and could properly edit the photo, that I could get a closer look.

Allow me to introduce you to California Sister (Adelpha californica):

Yes, my sister, indeed!

Thanks be to God for His wondrous gifts…


3 thoughts on “I thought I saw a butterfly…

  1. Carrie and I saw a pileated woodpecker (Dryocopus pileatus) sitting on my new fence yesterday. The first one we have ever seen. Such beauty in nature!

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