What I learned at the hermitage #2

Since God seems to have me on sabbatical from substantive writing, the sharing of another small lesson is in order.

After all, when I asked to receive the images of those living round and about the hermitage, I told them it was “for the glory of God”. Hence, I cannot keep such things to myself.

As much as I love butterflies, it is good for me to remember and honor the beauty of all the little flying creatures.

Of course, the unwinged are treasured as well, but this post is about the gloriousness of wings.

This lovely creature, a female Chrysopilus thoracicus, displays a most impressive set. Note the bold veins that keep her wings sturdy and strong for flight, while stylishly offsetting her bright orange thorax.

I couldn’t help but put the caption on her image. 🙂 Insect wings are just so amazing…

Gossamer-thin, with countless permutations of shape and color and venation. So delicate yet so strong…

So strong as to fly through the sky…to fly and fly, before coming to rest and humbly offering up their image…

We do not know much about the life of the Chrysopilus thoracicus (a.k.a the golden-backed snipe fly). It mates, procreates and dies.

Just one of millions of tiny lives that every day come and go from our planet.

So why am I so fascinated by this little one?

Perhaps for the simple reason that God made her, a bright, bold, fragile bit of buzzing life – and shared her with me while I journeyed through the woods one day.

All glory to Him.


2 thoughts on “What I learned at the hermitage #2

  1. I might copy this into my little book of prayers. Mysteries and miracles abound, but most often I have to be reminded. P.S. I received a butterfly the other day. It’s staying with me.

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