Bumbling around…

I am afraid I am once again guilty of neglecting this blog – but it is not for want of beautiful images.

Today’s were a delight to my soul. Camera and I stepped into the back yard on this warm fall afternoon to take a look around – before the cold front came in and brought more rain.

We sat for a while, hoping to the receive the image of one of the many little “helicopters” descending from my maple tree. But alas, they were too quick for us.

Earlier, I had decided to pick a few zinnia blooms to brighten the indoors since few insects remain to feast on them this late in the year.

In doing so, I had seen a rather sluggish bumble bee resting on one of the aging blossoms. I had stroked it gently, asking if it was okay. However, seeing its middle legs extended, I withdrew, not wanting to disturb it further.

Tired of waiting for (and missing) the little helicopters, camera and I glanced once more about the yard, not expecting to discover anything new.

To our surprise, the once sleepy bumble was now actively in flight and visiting the bright zinnia blooms.

And it was very generous in sharing its image. See for yourself –

Not only did he pose while nectaring, but allowed us to be drawn into the glory of his flight.

How wondrous is the earth and its Creator.

+All praise to Him.


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